NYC Weekend 2019

February 21, 2019

Hi! I hope you are having a lovely week! We had another snow day here, sigh..


Anyway, this past weekend, we spent some time in NYC! Last year for President's Day break we did the same thing and had such a nice time that we decided to do it again this year.

The girls were so excited with their American Girl Dolls. Little A is really into them, Little S is just along for the ride. Her doll is actually Little A's that my sis got her when she was born, turns out it looks more like Little S! So that worked out well. Little A got hers for her Kindergarten graduation a few years ago. She wanted one that looked more like her, freckles and all! 

First stop, lunch at Candle Cafe! Little S was excited for the all vegan kids menu.

And ended up ordering her old standby, pasta! LOL!

Little A ordered from the real menu. She had vegan french toast!

I started with a Flu Fighter juice just for a little boost, being in the city and all..

T had the Cajun Seitan sandwich, that is his go-to there!

I had their Kale Caesar with tempeh. This was just okay, I wasn't a fan of the seaweed taste.

Next stop, The American Girl Doll Store! Little A has been saving up and was so excited to go.

All the photo ops!


Next stop, FAO! They opened a new store in the city, but the old one was much better in my opinion. This one just didn't have that iconic feel. 

The girls enjoyed looking at all the toys and fun stuff here.

 After that, we walked through Rockefeller Center and stopped in the chocolate shop there. Vegan truffles! WHoohoo!

 We also showed the girls where we got engaged! Yup, right in Rockefeller Center, but in front of the Christmas tree a week before Christmas.


 Next up, The Trolls Experience! This was the plan all along. Haha!

 This was such a cute little setup. All of Little A's friends had gone so we couldn't wait to check it out.


 They got to look like trolls! So cute!

 Meeting Poppy was their favorite part.

 Best day ever for sure!

 For dinner, we headed to Beyond Sushi! The best vegan sushi in all the land! 

 So many yummy options! I can't remember what the rolls were called but one had chickpea and another had sunchoke. YUM!

 The dumplings were amazing as well!

 Potatoes Confit was delicious!

 The day morning, T got us all smoothies from Juice Generation. There are so many vegan options in the city!




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