What’s On My Nightstand

February 27, 2019

Hi! I wanted to make a quick post sharing with you all one of my favorite spots, my nightstand. This has so many of my favorite things on it and it’s all mine! There aren’t many things around here that are mine! Well, there are, but little people have taken them over. But not this area!

I have a black salt lamp which stays on all day. Great for cleaning the air. Lots of Neal’s Yard Remedies products! Their hand cream, Esta diffuser, pillow sleep mist, and their lavender essential oil (I sell their amazing organic products if you are ever interested!). There is a selenite stone for healing, cleansing, and calming. A sleep mask (from a Goddess Provisions box) which was life changing for me! I use to wake for every single light, even the small dot on my TV would bother me! A gorgeous lavender eye pillow from a Earth Love Box.  The picture under everything is of a pregnant fairy. My Mom gave it to me when I was pregnant with Little S and I just love it so much.  What’s on your nightstand? 




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