St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

March 18, 2019


This weekend was a fast but fun one! 

The girls were all ready for the St. Patrick’s Day fun at school with their green on!

We brought them to my parent’s house after school to stay overnight. They were so excited to meet their new baby cousin!

The reason they went there was that T and I were going to our elementary school parents night. 

We had a blast with our friends! Maybe a little too much fun! Haha!


 On Saturday, I went to my parents house to get the girls and grabbed some Greens and Grains for lunch. This was their Ranch Chick'n Wrap. AMAZING!

When we got home, Little A put together her leprechaun trap! No luck again this year! ;)

I ended the weekend with some sunny weather and a Bloom kombucha! 

And of course, pizza! Cauliflower crust from Trader Joes with sauce, olives, peppers, onions, Broccoli Rabe, VioLife and Miyokos cheeses.




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