What’s in My Fridge

April 15, 2019

Hi! Today I thought I would give you all a little peek inside my fridge! I just organized and cleaned it and we had just gone shopping so it’s fully stocked! 

From left to right: So Delicious coconut milk yogurts for the girls, that little box has left over veggies from The Saladhouse that Little A had with hummus and pita, Malk almond and cashew milk and Ripple unsweetened, behind that we have sparkling water, and some organic vegan non gmo Rose wine, Fever Tree Ginger Beer for T, Zevia “soda” and La Croix both for T. Up top is my kombucha, Bubbies pickles, Nutritional Yeast, and vegan crescent rolls to be made for Easter. 


Bottom shelf is South River Miso, left over Raos sauce, sprouted sourdough bread, broccoli rabe, broccoli, and kale, two containers of romaine. 


The pull out drawer has all sorts of Violife cheese, Beyond Meat sausage for T, hummus, Majestic Hummus And two dips (this stuff is sooo good and raw and sprouted), vegan pesto, and all my chocolate. There’s also baked tofu hiding in the back and some stevia sweetened chocolate chips.  


Below is a pic of the produce drawers opened. We have carrots, celery, peppers, edible flowers, cucumbers, and spinach. The other drawer has apples, lemons, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. 


A lot of the processed stuff is T’s and that’s how he stays vegan. The girls also get processed food as some of you have noticed in the past. I give them foods that make them feel comfortable and not stand out because, especially for Little A, they see this stuff out and at school and want to be like their friends. They both know to be themselves, but I also want them to feel good about what they are eating so they don’t develop bad habits in the future. For example, I use to binge eat as a teen because my Mom would eat a crazy low fat diet free of carbs and I thought I needed to do the same. Restricting myself so much, gave me all sorts of distorted eating issues. Because the girls are vegan, they are naturally restricted from things and they don’t mind at all. But, I always try to get them similar items to what their friends have so they can feel like they are having it too. Plus, they are kids. If they don’t eanjoy some treats now, when will they! ;) Besides, they eat 200x better than a SAD diet that most kids eat, so I’m not worried. 


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