Eats at The Shore

April 18, 2019

Hi! The girls are both on Spring Break, so we spent a few nights at my parents house which always means lots of vegan eats! There are some great vegan spots down in Monmouth County and we always make our rounds!  

First stop was The Herd Juicery. One of my favorite spots! The food there is plantbased, all super healthy and clean, and delicious! This was the Buffalo Tempeh Bowl. I really need to recreate this. 

I also left with some Fine Health Kombucha, peanut butter cups, raw donut holes, and raw cookies. 

For lunch the next day, we hit up Dean’s Market which is a big health food store with so many vegan options. This was their Cobb Salad with Follow Your Heart Cheese, tempeh bacon, eggless egg salad, and Daiya blue cheese dressing. 

Lastly, we stopped at Greens and Grains before heading home yesterday. This was kale with falafel, and chickpea salad with a tahini dressing. Their Falafel were so good and SO BIG! So glad I finally tried them, I will definitely get them again!



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