Easter 2019 (very late)

May 14, 2019

Well, this is a very delayed post! Easter was awhile ago, but I just haven’t had a chance to post and my grandfather passed away almost 2 weeks ago and I just haven’t had the passion to blog. Alas, here is my Easter post!

Easter morning ready!

Happy girls with their empty baskets! Haha! This was after they took all their prizes out. 

Ready for another Easter celebration at our house. 

This year we did a brunch, which was a hit and may be our new tradition. 

Family shot!

Easter egg hunt with their 3 girl cousins. 

Ready to find those eggs!

As for food, we had shisito peppers with Violife parm. 

Roasted potatoes and peppers. 

Tofu scramble and many other things I didn’t take pictures of including bagels with Kite Hill cream cheese, fruit, orange and grapefruit juice, vegan sweet breads, granola and trail mix. 

T and I finally relaxing after a busy morning! 

Little S in a tree. Haha, typical! 

My plate of goodness. 

Vegan gluten free carrot cake for dessert! 


Hope you all had a lovely Easter too! XO



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