Busy Month!

June 18, 2019

Hi all, sorry for the little absence. I’m still on the fence on whether people even read blogs anymore and if it’s worth me posting. But alas, here I am! 


The end of the school year has been chaos! End of the year parties, recitals, softball games, graduations, communions... I can go on and on! Here’s some things we’ve been doing the last month..

Little A made her First Holy Communion!


We had a small celebration at a local restaurant with just immediate family. Was the most perfect day for our girl!

T and I celebrated 13 years of marriage! We went out with the girls then had a date night at our new favorite Mexican restaurant (with lots of vegan options).

We are finally getting some nature time. Hiking again! Yay! With all the rain, and cold weather, this has been much needed!

We went to the local arcade for a family night!

Little S celebrated her Summer birthday in school!

Her actual birthday is next month, but it was nice for her to get a chance at celebrating! And all the kids loved the vegan cupcakes I brought in!

We had Family Fun night at Little A's school! 

Both girls had their recitals together.

This was Little S' first and Little A's 5th recital.

They both did a beautiful job! Little S wants to know when she can do it again! Haha!

Little S had her last day of Pre-k last week! One more year of Pre-k and then it's off to Kindergarten! I can't believe it! Little A was JUST in kindergarten!


And finally, Father's Day! And a special Happy Father's Day shoutout to the man who does it all!


I will be back soon! XO



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