Woodloch Summer 2019

July 8, 2019

Hey! Last week we took a trip to our favorite local resort, Woodloch! This time we went with my Sis-in-law, Bro-in-law, and our two nieces. We are HUGE fans of Woodloch because it's SO family friendly, very clean, has endless amounts of activities and things to do, and they accommodate vegans at every meal!

 Ready for our 2.5 hour drive! Lots of snacks, dolls, and water! CHECK!

 We were greeted by my oldest niece.

 And we found my younger one as we walked down to the lake! The cousin crew!

 First things first, a swim in the lake!


 Then my sis-in-law and I got our own paddle boat for a ride with Little A and my niece. Little S and my other niece went on one with T.

 Post fun smoothie! The bar at the lake has slushies, smoothies, light food and snacks, and alcohol.

 T took full advantage of all the fun and did some Paddle Boarding. 

 I had a lake side salad which I added a pickle and some kraut from the hotdog station.

 SO happy to be at one of our favorite places on Earth!

 After a day of waterslides, swimming, boating, paddle boarding, paddle boating, and playing, we were ready for dinner.

 This is the view walking to dinner. We like to call Woodloch a now a days Dirty Dancing resort. Haha! 

 It is just so magical here! 

 We were greeted by this guy. He is from PJ Masks in case you didn't know. ;)

 My heart. When you come to Woodloch, you get an assigned table and sit there for every meal. We shared a table with our family.

 Dinner night was a tofu stir fry with brown rice. YUM!

 And a white bean soup! Everyone was very pleased.

 Sunset shot!

 How gorgeous is this view. 

 These girls were very happy and excited to the fireworks! The firework show was amazing. Probably the best we've seen!

 Good morning! After a very well rested sleep (gotta love black out curtains), we headed to breakfast which was tofu scramble. I actually had this both mornings but only took one picture. On the side was fruit and roasted potatoes. The girls had vegan pancakes.

 Ready for another fun day!

 Winnie The Pooh greeted us this morning.

 We love the little coffee shop they have on premise at Woodloch. It's called GiGi's and apparently is in the late grandma's house (which they turned into a coffee shop). I love thier match latte and they have MANY options for dairy free milk. My favorite was the oat milk.

 Off to ride Go Carts! T and Little S were in one.

 I was with LIttle A with my Bro-in-law and niece behind!

 After that was Bumper Cars. The little ones were too small for the real thing but they were happy cruising around in these cars while watching us all bump each other. Another thing I love about Woodloch is that it is never overly crowded. There is always so much to do, that you are never with a bunch of people besides at dinner and for the shows.

 Then we did some ice skating!

 We had the rink to ourselves! They use artificial ice, so it's not cold in there.

 Little Chipmunks are all over! This one was eating a granola bar. They aren't afraid of people either. Look at how close he let me get. We usually just let them be, but this one was extra friendly.

 A little break to play at the playground. There are small playgrounds all over the site. 

 The girls took a little beading class too while there. 

 After that, it was time for lunch! GiGi's also has smoothie bowls and smoothies! I had a yummy bowl.

 And some dried papaya I brought. 

 Time to swim! We went up to the pool (they have indoor, outdoor, and kiddie areas along with a water slide at the lake and the indoor area). But we ended up at the lake again.


 Snack time! Love these Purely Elizabeth bars!

 Back out on the paddle boat. We just loved being on the water.

 Little A hoped on a kayak with T.

 Such a blast!

 The view from my paddle boat.

 Ready for another dinner!

 But first, Skinny Girl Margaritas!

 And a fun little photo booth shoot.

 Little A ready for dinner.

 Trying to have LIttle S take our picture.

 T does a better job! ;)

 Dinner was started with lentil soup and a salad. 

 And for our entree, eggplant with sauce, veggies, and spinach.

 This night had a 90's theme! So fun! The girls were happy to see Princess Belle.

 Since the two little ones would be celebrating their birthdays (they are two days apart), they brought out a cake and sung happy birthday! We didn't eat the cake, but instead had coconut milk ice cream.

 We saw this guy on our way out.

 Off to the magic show! Another great day!

 The next morning was bittersweet because it was our last day!

 Off to breakfast!

 Followed by a boat ride!

 Time to say goodbye to Woodloch!

 We made so many memories, as always (see my Woodloch tag for highlights from our other visits)! We just love it there and hope to return soon! XO



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