The Atlantic City Vegan Food Festival

July 31, 2019

I apologize again for my little absence. I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with Summer and all. Once the girls are back at school, I hope to get back to blogging more. I’m always questioning if anyone still reads because my comment section is off most of the time (not on purpose, WIX doesn’t even send comment alerts *eye roll*). Anyway, today’s post is a long awaited one, but well worth the wait! A couple weekends ago, T and I headed down to Atlantic City once again for the vegan food festival!  

We were literally starving when we got to the festival. So fair warning, this was a lot of food, all was shared, and yes, we ate like pigs. Haha! But who goes to a Veg Fest and doesn’t? 


We started off with these yummy Boardwalk Spuds from The Lady and athe Shallot. This was a great start to the day! 

Then we hit up Soy Cafe, which never disappoints, for their nachos. So good!

This though! This!!! “Chicken” and waffles from Garden of Eating. The “chicken” was made with cauliflower and the whole thing was gluten free. They were unreal, we couldn’t believe they were made with cauliflower!!

A gluten free pistachio cookie from The Bakalava Lady. 

Photo op with my love. 

This was a coconut with a yummy smoothie inside from Juice for Us. This has soursop in it and it was my first time trying it! So yummy! 

Sipping my little coconut in the sun!

More from Soy Cafe: gluten free Mac and cheese. Their food is so amazing!

We always hit them up when they are at a Veg Fest. 

After the Veg Fest, T and I got a couples massage. Which was much needed!

Fun in the casino! We won! Not big, but a nice amount by playing both girls’ birthdays! 

Boardwalk views. Before dinner! 

For dinner we headed to Los Amigos. Just like last year! We just love all their vegan options. The flavors are so delicious! This was a tostada situation and some vegan fried chicken! 

I had cauliflower and broccoli tacos which were divine! Yum! The best way to end a fulfilling day!

 The next morning we went to the vegan brunch held at The Showboat Hotel. They had a nice little buffet. I had potatoes, fruit, tofu scramble, and orange juice.



Until next year, AC! This Veg Fest was memorable, delicious, and totally worth the trip! XO


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